HiPERiSM Services: Air Quality Modeling package

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The HiPERiSM Consulting Air Quality Models (HC-AQM) package includes:
  • MM5 - Mesoscale Meteorological Model (version 3 – serial and parallel modes)
  • MCIP - Meteorology-Chemistry Interface Processor (version 2)
  • SMOKE - Sparse Matrix Operator Kernel Emission model (version 1.5)
  • CMAQ - Community Multi-scale Air Quality Model (version 4.6.1:serial and 4.6.1:parallel)
  • CAMx - Comprehensive Air Quality Model with extensions (version 4.01 – serial/parallel)
  • REMSAD - Regional Modeling System for Aerosols and Deposition (version 7.02)

Additional supported models will include:

  • ISCST3 – Industrial Source Complex Short Term Model
  • AERMOD, AERMET, AERMAP – Air quality plume modeling system
  • AERMOD-HPC (for information visit HiCLAS1).

Follow the links above to find more information on each component of the HC-AQM package. All these software products are Open Source and are available at no cost. License terms are simple and are explained on delivery of the service.



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